The Yu Hui company is diversified business enterprise which concentrates on a mold to slice a product.The company takes orders the principle of"overall quality control, quality is first, keep on a progress, satisfy customer" and the principle of the trustworthiness, creating "the mold slice a product manufacturing an expert" with all strength, promoting a service continuously, with this satisfaction which raises customer.

The company owns the forerunner's mold to slice an equipments:The importing high ccuracy material cent slices machine, the importing high accuracy mold slices a knife machine, the even knife mold slices machine, the company still has a printing equipments in the meantime:PC, MAC, the wood outputs machine, equipments and forerunner system of the nicety system knife mold make software, finishing to make from the design, the wood outputted, the knife mold created of handled process before printing, all can complete in the factory, the company owned various forerunner in the meantime of importing printing equipments, include 6 the colors whole rotation printing machine, 6 color half rotate printing machine, even pressed type, inclined pressed type trademark printing machine, screen winding printed machine, the screen piece printed machine, and automatic perforating machine, punching machine after printing, machine, model an equipments over gum machine's etc., also own various test instruments, such as:Glue a sex test instrument, remove a dint test instrument, pull the dint test instrument, the constant temperature wet box and color analysis instrument, the automatic image measures an instrument, thousand cent the Chinese foot wait precise instrument, providing dependable assurance for quality.

The company circulates ERP system, from connect list arrive take delivery of goods the whole process to hand over period scheduling, enter anticipate condition, produce progress, complete condition etc. information all can actually hour supervise and control and track, the company has already passed ISO9001, the international quality of the ISO14001 and environment system an attestation now, several products have already passed UL, CSA attestation, satisfy customer market management need;Currently FOXCOON, positive , the reaches, flying soil second, the thinks, than the second , the creates dint, reason light, the United States can reach, city porcelain the United States reach etc. all for the customer of[with] the plentiful long-term contacts."The quality is stable, hand over a period accurate, fast service" is we pursue unremittingly, we take"only better, have no best" as a target, not short promote, win customer to trust, reach the purpose of[with] the company everlasting management.

The company takes orders everlasting experience principle, value and supplier to keep a strategic cooperation colleague to relate to, such as the 3 Ms, NITTO, TESA, SAATI, GE, LINTEC, FOUR, PILLARS etc.;Control cost effectively to let also benefit customer, assurance industry competitive advantage, create low price, exquisite article, the industry that is efficiently operation .

The company concentrates on the safe and healthy system construction of employee's occupation to push forward over a long period of time and carry out, practice a talented person to foster strategy and humanized management system, is the foundation that business enterprise stability and development provided to guard securely.
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